Slow dance

WEDNESDAY 14 FEBRUARY from 7pm to midnight

AT 7 PM — Get started with a dance lesson called “High Heels or Trainers? Sensual Dancing with the Shoes of your Choice”. An introduction with a background of slow dance music, with the Centre Chorégraphique de Strasbourg.

FROM 8 PM TO MIDNIGHTStill Loving You, Qui saura, Requiem pour un fou, The Power of Love, Laisse-moi t’aimer… Slow dancing, nothing but slow dancing! “Strasbourg mon amour” is creating a Slow Dance Conservatory to perpetuate the magic of this forgotten dance and return it to the high status it deserves. A radical, deliciously retro evening, not to be missed!

With the exceptional participation, on the DJ platform, of Charly Weber of RFM.

At the “Café des Amours” – Place Kléber

Free admission (drinks not included)